THE FASHIONISTA: Smart Casuals of Pitti Uomo

It always seem so effortless for these 'pitti peacocks' (label for men who dress super well in Pitti Uomo) and what are the tricks or secrets to dressing up like them? In this issue of Fashionista, let's take a look at how some of these pitti peacocks cleverly used key items that will create a very fashionable smart casual Pitti look for yourself.

The Fashionista: Style Power Couples

It's Spring time and even though Valentine's Day just past, love is in the air. Couples in love tend to be in sync with their manners and, most distinctively, in their style of dress. Be inspired and feel the love from these well dressed men and their equally stylish partners.  Roberto Mararo ❤️  Eleonora Sebastiani Giotto Calendoli ❤️  Patricia Manfield Alan See ❤️  Alexa Bui Erik Mannby...
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