Style Guide: A Tribute To A King

Style Guide: A Tribute To A King

Chadwick Boseman was an American actor most popular for his role as The Black Panther in the Marvel cinematic universe. Black Panther was the first major African-American superhero movie. Besides his acting roles, off screen he is also well known to be one of the Best Dress Hollywood personality and a style icon that we can all aspire to dress like.

This year in August 2020, Chadwick Boseman passed away after suffering from cancer at the young age of 44. He is one man who inspires us not only as an outstanding actor but also for his sense of fashion.

This issue, we pay tribute to this man with some of his signature style and looks that will be inspiring for us.

In this religious theme Met Gala ball in 2019, he played along the theme with a Pope inspired outfit that is not only outstanding for Met Gala, but also stylishly wearable.
In celebration of the Black Panther box office success, Chadwick Boseman pulls a 'Modern King' look that is sleek and suave with a hint of royalty with the African inspired embellishment on his jacket. We are so impress with the way that he always dresses so well and yet in line with party themes.
Real men wears Pink. Pink is always such a nice suiting colour which we feel men can look so good but it takes confidence and certainly Boseman has plenty of it.
How many men you met can wear a tunic shirt so stylishly? Or even dare to wear one?
For smart casual looks, sweater knit is a perfect match for a formal bottom. See how he wears his high cut shoes with a tapered cropped pants.
Here's how Boseman does Street Style by using pink as the highlight of this outfit. Shoes are very important guys!
This is how you can be flamboyant without looking ridiculous by pairing your outstanding jacket with basic black shirt and pants to project a singular stylish look.
A classic thumb of rule to dressing is not to exceed more than 2 colour combinations in your ensemble. If you're a sophisticated dresser, this is how you mix-and-match more than 3 colours tastefully.
Effortless chic. Cleverly using the black from the suit to pair with a black shirt and black tie for a cohesive and stylishly ensemble.
Google for Chadwick Boseman and you can find even more images of his dressing on the internet. We hope you have some good inspirations for your next suit from us or forward this to a friend whom you think will find this useful! 
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