Style Guide: 4 Easy Ways To Pull Off Zoom Looks

Style Guide: 4 Easy Ways To Pull Off Zoom Looks

In our May 2020 Blog on dressing up tips for video conferencing, we gave a very general guide to how to dress for video calls since it has became a norm now in the Covid-19 era.

In this guide, we 'zoom' in more into the specific looks that you can pull off with pieces in your wardrobe so that you can easily dress up proper for what ever meeting you're into. Many feedbacks we have heard from WFH Zoomers has been the lack of motivation to work from home, however, once there's an opportunity to dress up, people tend feel more in-tune with their work mode and into the role they're in. So here's some looks we feel that covers most types and what your wardrobe would already have.

The Boss:
Collared Shirt + Suit Jacket
We believe that one should dress for success with a little piazza, and we recommend this look for everyone. Our very own boss wears a simple and comfortable white shirt and a blue plaid suit jacket, a stylish and outstanding piece. This look helps you keep professional and add a little light heartedness, much needed in this era of Covid-19.

The Tech Startup Guy:
Basic Logo Tee + Blazer
For a more casual look, our very own designer Alexis wears a blue company brand logo t-shirt and layered with a navy blue blazer. This outfit is comfortable and helps to maintain a level of professionalism when on a zoom call. For a easier to style look wearing a plain white t-shirt with a blazer works wonders, as it adds a stylish edge.

The Software Engineer
Button up Polo + Cardigan
This is perfect for a dressed down Friday or weekend zoom meeting. Our intern, Bertrand, wears a white striped polo shirt and a tan shawl collared cardigan. This is a simple and classic look that suit everyone. The cardigan is a comfortable and classy addition to anyone's wardrobe. The addition of a patterned polo shirt under the jacket adds subtle details that elevate the stylishness of the look.  

The Creative Class
Collar Shirt + Safari jacket
For the creatives or adventurous people out there, our designer Kenneth sports a striped cream linen safari jacket and a white linen shirt a extremely stylish and classy look. The safari jacket is an exceptionally stylish piece in anyone's jacket, by styling it with a white shirt it creates a juxtaposition of outdoors ruggedness and formality. 

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