Style Guide: Hopsack Fabric

Style Guide: Hopsack Fabric

You might or might not have heard of hopsack fabric as they generally fall under the category of wool suiting materials. In Asia, another term for this type of fabric is also called rice sack fabric because its weave resembles a typical gunny sack in a more refined way. In recent years, hopsack fabrics has been one of our best selling suiting materials and feedbacks from customer are usually 'better than I expected!' after owning a hopsack suit.

What Is Hopsack Fabric?

Hopsack is not a variation of fabric but instead a type of weave. It is a basket-like weaving pattern with subtle variations of colors between the threads. The hopsack weave is not too tight, making it a very breathable fabric. The rough two-tone textured fabric gives it an unique character of its own. They are usually woven with wool or a blend of wool, linen and silk.

hopsack fabric

When do you use hopsack for a suit?

1. Summer Suit
Hopsack is generally classified as a summer fabric because the loose weave of the fabric is breathable and airy like most types of summer garments such as linen suit. 

2. Semi-formal business suit. 
Unlike the softness of linen jacket, a hopsack jacket gives a very good structural drape on the body, giving it a more defined and formal look than linen yet the matt texture makes it less formal than a normal worsted wool suit


3. Travel Suit
Hopsack is ideal for traveling as it is easy to throw around and almost wrinkle-free. You can just roll it into a ball into your suitcase on an overseas trip without having to worry about finding a steam iron. Its versatility also makes a lighter travel baggage as you can easily just bring one hopsack jacket to pair with denim or chino pants, or wearing a two-piece ensemble for a more formal look.




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