Fashionista: Summer Linen Looks, The Japanese Way.

Fashionista: Summer Linen Looks, The Japanese Way.

Linen, a symbol of the summer look, is a highly breathable and absorbent material. These qualities make a summer staple to combat the searing heat of the sun. However other than its breathable and absorbent nature, Linen's most notable feature is its tendency to wrinkle. Some might dislike the wrinkles seeing it as sloppy however we see it as a sign of the au naturel material. The wrinkles are never the same and it give a sense of unspoken individuality.

This sense of nature and change in linen makes it a favourite among Japanese sartorial enthusiasts. This issue, we are going to feature 4 Japanese style maestro whom we can all aspire to dress like.

Shuhei Nishiguchi
Instagram: Shuhei_Nishiguchi

Shuhei Nishiguchi is a japanese sartorial style infleuncer and menswear director. He is the quintessential modern gentleman with a little trendy edge. 


This look by Shuhei Nishiguchi shows how to dress smart and classy with linen. Shuhei sports a brown linen piece suit and a simple black T-shirt. The double breasted linen jacket adds to the formality and style of the look as double breasted jackets evolved to become formal staples. The black T-shirt is a subtle and muted contrast to the earth tones of his trousers and jacket making them seem brighter and stand out more. 


This second look by Shuhei is a more dressed up look with an element of edge and coolness. Shuhei sports a 2 piece black Spence-Bryson linen suit. He uses the texture of the black linen as a contrast to his suede boots creating layers to his outfit. The essence of this look is the monotone colour and a contrast in texture, this form of dressing is an understated flamboyance, a whispered kind of style.

Yukio Akamine
Instagram: akamineyukio

Yukio Akamine is a classic menswear director and a sartorial influencer. He is the perfect example to show that age is just a number, as style and class is forever. 


This outfit worn by Yukio Akamine is a simple and versatile look. He matches a white linen shirt with a beige/stone single pleat trousers. The neutral colours keep the look effortless and cool.The beige and red striped tie is a stand out piece that catches the attention of people as the significant colour contrast draws the eye's attention. On top of that the subtle contrast textures between the linen shirt, the tie and the trousers forms layers to the look. If you want a even more casual look losing the tie will give a summer weekend vibe, perfect for a sunday brunch.

This earthy get up by Yukio Akamine is a classy and warm look. Yukio Akamines pairs a burnt Siera linen shirt with a chocolate brown linen blend jacket. To contrast the warm tones he wears a pair of grey trousers which adds a cool toned contrast. This look is a stylish smart casual look for a meeting with friends or a company recreational event.

Gatsby Osaka
Instagram: gatsby_osaka

Gatsby Osaka also shows that age is just a number as he styles himself in classy and dapper looks to comfortable and homely looks

This casual and comfortable outfit by Gatsby is perfect for the current covid-19 situation as it retains the classy and elegance while keeping you comfortable. He sports a brown 2 piece linen suit layered with a white linen vest and white shirt. His jacket is special in that it features the Spalla Camicia style of sleeve common in Neapolitan jackets reducing bulk around the shoulders thus keeping it casual. This look is simple in terms of colour as white is a versatile and easy to match colour.

A James bond esque look by Gatsby Osaka as he sports a white linen shirt with a pair of pleated high waisted trousers. This sleek and suave look is enhanced by the pinstripe fabric he has chosen for his trousers as it creates a streamline effect on his body. He adds finishing touches to his outfit by wearing a pair of circular sunglasses.

Yusuke Fukushima
instagram: yusuke_fukushima

Yusuke Fukushima gives off a suave and nonchalant air adding coolness and edge to tailoring though his personal style.

Yusuke Fukushima adds a touch of modernity and edge to his outfit as he sports a 2 piece black linen suit. He wears a double breasted peaked lapel jacket which gives off a sense of authority and however the linen fabric adds an element of softness and flow to the outfit. He matches his suit with a subtle black striped shirt to act as a contrast. To finish off the look he wears a pair of small round sunglasses adding the edge to the entire outfit.

A litte note on Linen from the Q Team

Another common nuances of natural fabrics is the issue of shrinkage, as with linen, however there is treatment process called Sanforization which significantly reduces the amount of shrinkage in the fabric, a good example of Sanforized linen you can view in our store is the Kildare collection by Spence Bryson or the Lismore collection also by Spence Bryson.

If you're feeling inspired to suit up in Linen, check with us on the wide variety of linens that we have in-house. From top Irish Linens to basic linens, we have it all and ability to customised it in light summer weight construction.

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