Style Guide: Suiting up for Summer

Style Guide: Suiting up for Summer

The Idea of layering or suiting up seems ridiculous in the scorching summer season. Without compromising on style and to be able to dress stylishly for any important occasions, we present you with a simple style guide for the summer. It is set out to lend a hand to the gentlemen out there on dressing up to beat the summer heat.


Light, in terms of the weight and the colour of the Suit. The weight of summer fabrics usually comes in the from of linen, seersucker, cotton and wool silk blend. These are great for the summer due to the fabric light construction and fiber characteristics.

Going light in weight could also mean to go unlined or half lined for the jacket, removing an additional layer of fabric that traps heat. You can also to do away with the shoulder pads, to create a stylish unconstructed natural shoulder look.

Light colours to consider for summer are neutrals, pastel colours, light greys and white.


Exposing the ankles to enjoy a little more breeze as possible in the summer and exudes your personal fashion style. Pair your summer suit with a pair of slip-ons, suede loafers, or sneakers.

Waist Coat

Opt for a waistcoat to look sharp without your jacket and keeping cool at the same time.

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