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Pitti Uomo 106: Street Style Report

As the biannual Pitti Uomo closes its 106th edition in Florence, ItalyTrendsetters tastefully encapsulated the zeitgeist of menswear, with debonairs from across the globe gathering for coverage by international press. Here are some of our favourite looks and details that we liked. 
The Italians does Americana
better than the Americans.
A green jacket that compliments his
skin tone, with double chest pockets;
a utilitarian approach.
Simple, yet well put together, the proportions
gives it a little laid back-look, but still
keeping it sharp with the horse-bit loafers in a warm grey palette.
Double breasted jacket, worn unbuttoned adds a certain sartorial flair. Well put together with a hint of his personality, a look that this gentlemen pulled off gracefully.
Brown hues all over, with the red and green
tartan accent from the tie elevates this look to another level. An artful colour coordination that impresses.
An Italian look with the colours to match,
the collars and sunglasses adds a nice touch of summer, tastefully incorporating a man-bag to add colour into the palette.
Not the proportion, but his proportion;
showing how different body types require different proportioning
for an amazing silhouette overall.
Not all adhere strictly to the rules of menswear, adding a certain je ne sais quoi that makes their ensembles appealing and well put together. It's something from which we can all learn — that personal style and taste must be cultivated.

The same principle applies to our garments, regardless of how exquisite that jacket may be; sometimes, the clothes end up wearing you.
Feel free to reach out for a bespoke consultation session and explore our wide variety of fabrics. Let the clothes speak for you.
Take the first step to every gentleman's (or woman's) proper closet.
"The clothes maketh the man." — Polonius to his son, Laertes, Hamlet

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