Q-kipedia: What Money Can Buy You? #CrazyExpensiveStuffs

Q-kipedia: What Money Can Buy You? #CrazyExpensiveStuffs

August 10, 2018

In the topic of Crazy Rich Asians, we look at some things or toys that are so exuberantly expensive that you might not know that they exist. Would you pay for it?

Diamond Chess Set

Price: Sold for HK$7.8million in 2014.

Designed by renowned French artist, designer and master jeweller Bernard Maquin, the dazzling creation makes a statement thanks to superb craftsmanship. This one-of-a-kind chess set took 30 artisans more than 9,000 hours to create the diamond-studded components by hand.

The chessboard and pieces are crafted from over 1kg of 14ct white gold and encrusted with 9,900 pavé-set black and white diamonds, for a total weight of 186.09ct.

Maison Valentina Designer Bathtub

Price: €29,000 (quoted from other sources) for the above bathtub. More can be found at their website.

Maison Valentina, the world's most luxurious bathtub designer brand in the world creates very unique and stylish bathtubs that makes it a talking point in your bathroom.

NIKE Mag: Back to the Future edition with auto-lacing

Price: Average about USD11,000 on eBay

The sci-fi sneaker was first imagined in the late 80s and presented on the silver screen in Back to the Future II. Of course, the lights and auto-lacing feature were originally achieved using cinematic tricks – it took almost 30 years for technology to catch up with the concept. The release of the battery-powered, motor-driven sneakers was limited to fewer than 100 pairs, which were doled out via raffle to sneakerheads, cinephiles and pop-culture aficionados. Wide-ranging appeal, scarcity and technological significance have made it one of the most sought-after sneakers out there.

Kobe Beef at Wagyumafia, Tokyo.

Price: USD2,500 for 12-ounce portion of chateaubriand.

Wagyumafia, a members-only restaurant in Tokyo's Akasaka neighborhood devoted to the spendy, world-famous protein. Many other variations of Kobe and Wagyu beefs are available as well in this famous restaurant. One of their signature dish is the Wagyu sandwich priced at USD180 each.

Chopard Sunglasses

Price: USD400,000.

Noted sunglasses maker De Rigo Vision crafted this masterpiece for famed Swiss Jewelry house Chopard and it was showcased in Dubai in May, 2012. A highlight of its design is the special technique used to set the diamonds more closely together compared to the classic pave setting. This makes the stones create a carpet that emits an extraordinary light. To denote the brand Chopard, its popular ‘C’ logo is engraved on the frames of the glasses. Chopard glasses have been sported by a number of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Jones, and Elton John. So if you have $400k to spare, you can become the owner of the world’s most expensive sunglasses and make your unique style statement at parties and other social events. Source: financesonline.com

A. Testoni Leather Shoes

Price: USD38,000 per pair

Italian luxury leather goods label A. Testoni is offering the world’s most expensive pair of men’s dress shoes. Testoni, founded in Bologna in 1929 by Amedeo Testoni, painstakingly handcrafts the Moro monk-strap model in the world’s finest exotic alligator skin, applying the techniques of Norvegese, or Norwegian construction, for durability and added water resistance. Stiched with custom-made linen twine, the shoes are lined with glove-soft goatskin and adorned with a rich gold and diamond buckle. 

Testoni also uses a second proprietary process, called the piuma rapid, justifying the high cost of these shoes, which require some 200 manual operations to complete. They are made up, deconstructed, and then put back together again in a patented method that results in a shoe as light as a feather that at the same time guarantees protection from hot, cold and humid weather. The Testonis eclipse the $10,000 alligator wingtips offered by Louis Vuitton last season and are sure to appeal to gentlemen of means who insist on the very best the world has to offer, regardless of price. Source: justluxe.com

BRIONI Vanquish II Suit 

Price: USD43,000

Italy's finest suiting brand Brioni known for suiting up 007 James Bond in the 1990s made only 100 of these highly exquisite suit for sale. Made up of the most luxurious, finest and exotic yarns from Qiviut, Vicuna and Pashmina.

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