Style Guide : Get Inspired From The Netflix Series - Gyeongseong Creature

Style Guide : Get Inspired From The Netflix Series - Gyeongseong Creature

Gyeongseong Creature ; Netflix

The Netflix exclusive South Korean historical drama has finally aired it first and second season, this drama is filled with stars such as Park Seo-Joon, Han So-Hee, and Claudia Kim. The drama took place in 1945, when the Japan Imperial was in control of South Korea, it was based on the true event of war crime "division unit 731". 

While Gyeongseong Creature does deliver an interesting storylines, there are also the eye catching factors from the wardrobes that are being shown by the characters. 

The 3 pcs-suit worn by Park Seo-Joon ; source 

We are impressed with the color combination and the style they had designed for each characters in the series, especially the suits that are featured seems to be tailored for each of the actors and actresses.

One tone tuxedo suit ; source

During the party scene, this grey tuxedo did stands out the most, as the colour is bright and the lapel was made using the same fabric as the body. Traditionally a tuxedo suit lapel would use a black satin (find out more here), it's quite refreshing to see a different twist on the tuxedo.

 Six buttons double breasted with two sided buttonholes detail on the collar ; source

This was a personal favourite of mine, it was during the scene where Park Seo-Joon had to sneak inside the hospital to meet up with the rest of the group. The suit is supposed to depict a hunting jacket, it was refreshing to see how it was reimagined to become a double breasted with a shawl inspired collar design. The patch pockets made it more functional as the wearer can just slip his tools inside it with no efforts. 

One piece collar ; source

Safari shirt with buttoned down stripe shirt ; source

Other than their suits, viewers should pay attentions to their shirts design. The drama features Park Seo-Joon and Wi Ha-Joon wearing one piece collar shirts on different occasions. They also showcased more broad width collars, which is quite trendy at the moment. You may even take the inspirations of wearing a safari shirt over your formal or casual shirt, which will transform your whole look from being too plain.

Classic grey 3 pcs-suit and a tailored tiffany blue suit set ; source

The father and daughter duo were seen flaunting their tailored made clothings in a scene where they need to pretend to be a visitor in the hospital. As seen on Jo Han-Chul, he flaunted the 3 buttons suit set, alongside Han So-Hee and her tiffany blue suit set, which I think will look stunning on any woman. The hint of contrast of white on her collar, cuffs, and buttons, transform to not look too "blue" or plain.

The different combination of prints and textures ; source

The wardrobe of the supporting characters in this drama are to look out for as well, one of them would be Park Ji-Hwan. His character can be seen with vibrants tone of clothings and accessories, he always wears contrasting colour of bowties and ties, match with his stripe shirts. 

Do stream the series Gyeongseong Creature on Netflix, you for sure won't be disapointed with the thrilling storyline, and the unique wardrobe. If you are interested in making any suits or apparels that's inspired by the series, be sure to contact us! 




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