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STYLE GUIDE: How to dress for the Red Carpet.

by Han San Chong May 01, 2017

STYLE GUIDE: How to dress for the Red Carpet.

In our entire lifespan, everyone will probably have to attend a very formal event at least once in their life. Be it weddings, business events, charity gala and etc etc...but how often do we get to be on the red carpet? If you are ever lucky to have a chance to do that, it could be a historical moment in your memories (if you're not a celebrity) because red carpet events traditionally were reserved for the gods, nobles, aristocrats and of course modern days celebrities.

In our Style Guide, let's take a look at some of the key ingredients for getting that red carpet look just right for you!

Rule No.1: Dress for the event

Know what is the event dress code as stated in the invitation. Also take references from past events.

Rule No.2: Research

Find out what the dress code means and search around the internet or menswear magazines or books on what are the different variations of red carpet looks you can pull off? Standard Black Tie or Creative Black Tie looks that best profile your style?

Rule No. 3: Find your signature.

Do you have a personal signature style that you think you can make it personally yours? Take cue from celebrities like Elton John with his crazy glasses, Pharrell Williams with his hats or colourful suits. Stick to safe options if you do not have.

Rule No.4: Pick at least one classic element in the ensemble.

Want to try something different yet keeping it safe? Pick a piece of the ensemble that is safe and classic such as black pants or having the black satin on your lapel to 'stablise' the design.


Rule No.5: Accessorise!

Add some special touch to your outfit with special accessories to complete that glamour finish.


Rule No. 6: Finish off with the right pair of shoes.

Don't ever wear that normal pair of black or brown shoes for special occasions. There are many special shoes that are made for red carpet looks. Patent is the minimum standard.


Rule No.7: That hair of yours....

Last but not least, get properly coiffed and have your face hair styled and you're good to go!

Han San Chong
Han San Chong


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