STYLE GUIDE: Matching patterned shirt and ties.

STYLE GUIDE: Matching patterned shirt and ties.

Did you know that there is actually a formula for matching of your shirt & tie patterns? There are actually some tips and rules for you to follow if you want to create sophisticated depth in matching of your shirt and tie without causing any visual confusion.


Matching Checks & Checks:
Go for opposite scale of checks suck as Small-checks tie matching with Window-pane Shirts. 

Matching Stripes & Stripes:
Besides matching stripes in opposite scales, go for different directions as well. Examples are Broad diagonal stripes tie matched with narrow vertical stripes shirts. 

Matching Stripes & Checks or vice versa
When it comes to different patterns, stick to the same scale of pattern size; Narrow Stripes tie with Small Checks shirts or a Window-pane tie matched with Broad stripes shirt.
Of course beside pattern combinations, other factors such as colours and shape of ties do play a part in getting the perfectly matched combo. Visit us today to find out more tips and tricks of matching your outfits and accessories.

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