Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For centuries Fashion has always been forward-looking and breaking boundaries in terms of styling, cut and silhouettes. What used to be fashionable in the past, may seem as a passé now especially with the ever changing trends set by high street fashion houses. Before we take a look at the recent menswear collections, let us understand what lead to shift in the 'beauty' concept.

The market in the streetwear / sportswear lux industry is always present in the fashion scene, in a smaller targetted zone years ago. For instance, Supreme and vans have always been in the scene for many years targeting skateboarders and younger generation selling sneakers and t-shirts. Sportswear such as Nike and Adidas have been marketing high-functional, specific shoes for different sports and is highly regarded as the brand to go to for sports related wears. That was years ago. 

Whats now is that, the lines are blurred. Sportswear and streetwear are spilling over to high fashion houses and building up their marketable fashion products. 


SUPREME collaboration with Louis Vuitton has been a huge success in the market. Some of the products include SUPREME's trademark red and the LV monogram on bags, shoes, hoodies. 

Also to mention the king Virgil Abloh's Off-White and newly appointed LV's creative director in menswear. 

How has this changed the menswear suit scene / tailoring scene?
Lets take a look at the recent Dior Homme Spring / Summer 2019 designed by Dior's creative director Kim Jones (sports and streetwear designer):


Now let's take a look at LV's menswear Spring / Summer 2019 designed by LV's creative director Virgil Abloh (sports and streetwear designer):


Here's Valentino Menswear Spring / Summer 2019 designed by Valentino's creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli

To balance it out, here are some of the designers that are trained in menswear tailoring.

Canali Spring/ Summer 2019 


Giorgio Armani Spring /Summer 2019:


This is how you balance streetwear / sports lux / suits.

Word of caution, it may not be 'trendy' after a shift in the future fashion scene. Ultimately, I would recommend a good ol' pair of leather shoes.



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