Style Guide: Asia Tropic 2.0

Style Guide: Asia Tropic 2.0

You may have heard of the local fashion buzzword "Asia Tropics" back in the late 90's to early 2000s.

It means a unique modern Asia style suitable for countries in the equatorial region, where the clothes are seasonless, lightweight, and in colors and textures that express the cultures of the East. Fabric of choice would be mainly light cottons and linens in relaxed shapes. Notable brands that convey the Asia Tropic look back then would be Island Shop or British India. 

Moving forward to 2010's, the Asia Tropic style has evolved to a more sophisticated level of mixing Asian influences with streetwear. Think mandarin collared shirts with tailored trousers and designer sneakers. Be inspired, embrace your roots and create your own new Asia Tropic look with some styling tips below: 

The contemporary tailored Mandarin or Nehru collared shirt is a great versatile piece to wear to the office or for a day out on the weekend. Have the shirt white or neutral colored in Italian linen or cotton poplin to keep it classic and updated. Tuck it out over slim fitted chinos for a polished relaxed look or have it tucked into formal trousers or under a fitted suit to make it office appropriate.


Ethnic Asian prints and patterns such as batik or ikat are very fashion-forward at the moment. To avoid looking like a SouthEast Asian politician on diplomatic visits, do have the patterned shirt / trousers / jacket fit well and styled in a contemporary fashion. Keep colors neutral and the outfit minimal and clean in shape. 


With the rise of athleisure and sportswear, it is a great time to match your favourite casual streetwear items with the ethnic trend. Wear your Yeezys with relaxed joggers and a fitted Mandarin collared shirt. Raybans and baseball caps instantly upsize your streetwear cool. Dress up your t-shirt and jeans combo with an ethnic patterned shirt or blazer. Have a bit of fun!


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