Style Guide: Essentials for a Stylish Winter Holiday

Style Guide: Essentials for a Stylish Winter Holiday

Planning a trip to countries in the northern hemisphere this winter and not sure what to pack? As frequent traveller myself, I always have 2 objectives in mind when I am packing for my winter trips: MINIMUM LUGGAGE & LOOKING GOOD. 

So I am listing down some of the essentials which I would strongly recommend in your winter packing list:


Putting on layers & layers of sweaters and jacket will not only make your shoulders heavy, the bulk makes movement restrictive too. So in order to cut down on heavy layering, a very good base layer that will keep your body warm is highly recommended.

Types of Base Layer to choose:

Merino Wool: My personal favorite type. It is very soft, lightweight and keeps you very warm even at temperature minus zero degrees. I highly recommend those made by mountaineering gear companies such as North Face, Columbia.

Synthetics: Man-made materials such as polypropylene, nylon and polyester also works well but I personally think it won't be sufficient when temperature drops below 10ºC. Brands such as Uniqlo retails them as Heat-Tech garments.


There are many types of gloves out there in the market for winter wear. The knitted ones, sports gloves and leather type. For style sake, the leather type will be the most appropriate for fashion. Get a pair of black or brown (to match shoes colours) real leather gloves that comes with cashmere lining for upmost comfort.


Below: 10 ways to tie a neck scarf (pic source: RealMenStyle)

A neck scarf isn't just for styling purpose, its ability to shield your neck and lower face from chilly winter wind makes it a very important piece to bring along wherever you go in cold places. It is also an accessory that you can be more playful with in terms of colours and prints. Choose a contrasting colour or pattern that brings out your personality! 


Easily roll into a compact ball in your luggage. A pure wool or cashmere sweater is not only lightweight and compact, it is a very stylish layer to add on top of your shirt or even worn on its own.


There's many choices of outer coat to choose from but we will usually only need just one highly versatile piece to cover a short trip because it is also the heaviest piece in your luggage which you wouldn't want to bring more.

Long Coat: Usually made with heavier Wool Flannel to give the extra warmth and protection. Opt for a safe and easy matching colour like Black, Greys and Navy.

Trench Coat: Trench coat works very well for windy and rainy weather. It is extremely stylish and functional at the same time. Trench coats were traditionally made using coated cotton or wool but modern piece could be made from Nylon which mades it highly rain and wind resistant.

Peacoat: Peacoat is like the shorter version of trench coat without the functional parts. If you're a person whose upper body needs more protection, a peacoat could be a good piece to bring along.

Shearling lined Leather Jacket/Bomber Jacket: A leather jacket has that sleek masculinity that gives that bad boy winter look. For colder weather, choose one that comes with wool shearling lining that provide much additional warmth.



I hope this Style Guide will help you to plan better for your upcoming winter holiday and we at Q MENSWEAR do make winter coats such as trench, flannel coats and peacoats. Do talk to us to find out more! Happy Holidays!

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