Style Guide: Suited for Women

Style Guide: Suited for Women

The suit is an iconic fashion staple, as well as a symbol of masculinity, formality and power. Historically this piece of clothing is only worn by men, however there are instances where women wore a suit for political or controversial reasons. The fashion industry made a gender-defying breakthrough in the 1960s with André Courrèges's minimalist pantsuits and Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking tuxedo, and that led to the 80's shoulder-padded bright-colored power suits that were popular among corporate women. Leading into the 2000's, the suit is a symbol of female empowerment and confidence, as strongly worn by 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and musician Janelle Monáe.

From left: André Courrèges pant suit, Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking tuxedo, 80's blue striped DB power suit by Yves Saint Laurent, Hillary Clinton in Ralph Lauren white pant suit, Janelle Monáe in Thom Browne grey pinstripe suit

Q Menswear is proud to dress these amazing women who are sartorial powerhouses in the world of menswear: 

Janie Cai

A mixmaster of prints and colors, her quirky boyish style is charming and effortless. She has worked in men's fashion publication since the early 2000's, most notably in Esquire Singapore as Fashion Editor and Director until early this year. Now she's a freelance writer/editor/consultant based in San Francisco.

Made by Q Menswear: (left) blue windowpane wool suit, (middle) navy wool suit and batik shirt, (right) lavender linen suit and grey check waistcoat

Esther Quek

Bold and flamboyant, she catches your attention with her strong feminine style. Now the Editor-in-Chief of Citizen K Arabia, she previously worked on The RakeRevolutionCondé Nast Traveller and Stylist Arabia and is a streetstyle star at fashion weeks.

Made by Q Menswear: (left) black and white cotton print jacket, (middle) maroon wool overcoat, pink jacket and cream pants, (right) blue and orange check wool coat

Sarah Ann Murray

This European menswear powerhouse is known for her signature style of traditional menswear and fedoras. The former Fashion Editor for The Rake magazine is now a freelance fashion stylist and creative director. 

 Made by Q Menswear: (left) navy wool jacket and db waistcoat, (middle) grey windowpane wool jacket and brown pants, (right) mustard linen jacket and shorts

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