Style Guide: The Black Tie Etiquette.

Style Guide: The Black Tie Etiquette.

With rising affluence and cultural awareness in Asian societies, social events, weddings and business dinners are getting grandeur in scale and the mention of black tie attire is very common nowadays. This elegant attire has always been the epitome of mens elegance and having one proper tuxedo in your wardrobe is now a basic requirement especially if you're active in the social circuit.

So in this issue of Style Guide, let us share with you some basic black tie etiquette that must be observed when you receive an invitation that states for a black tie formal attire. 


RSVP stands for Répondez s'il vous plaît, in french meaning 'please respond' to the invitation. It is a basic gentlemanly courtesy to respond to your host in the earliest possibility moment as it is a painstaking effort to host a black tie event and guest list is one of the most painful part it. Do help your host by giving a response to accept or decline the invitation. 

2. Doesn't always have to be black

Traditionally, tuxedo has always been black, thus the black-tie was invented. However we have seen some variations of tuxedos in midnight blue, deep burgundy, grey velvet and etc which are perfectly fine if the event is a little fun with creative black-tie becoming a trend these days. A piece of advice is to stick to very dark colours for your first tuxedo and perhaps adding a different colour one for your next tuxedo.

3. Keep your coat on.

Never take off your coat when you're attending a black tie event, it is considered inappropriate especially in a more traditional environment. But it is cool to let loose of your bow tie late into the evening to symbolise 'party time' but not cool if you're wearing a clip-on bow tie that will embarrass you.

4. Tie your own bow tie.

What differentiates a well dressed gentlemen tuxedo and an amateur black tie attendee? Ans: The ability to tie your own bow tie. A perfectly symmetrical clip-on bow tie on your shirt collar says you're a boy who hasn't learnt the art of being a gentlemen.

5. Complete your tuxedo with proper details.

Get a proper white tuxedo shirt made, patent leathere shoes, black stud buttons and cuff links, pocket squares and a self-tie bow tie. Don't try to cheat with a normal black suit.

6. Be a gentlemen.

Being a gentlemen isn't just about dressing right, it is also about behaving right in the presence of others, especially to the ladies. Offer your partner your arm, opening the doors and pulling the seats are just basic right moves.

7. Bespoke your Tuxedo.

If you have attended enough black-tie events, you can easily suss out who rented their tuxedo and who got theirs properly made. A good tuxedo is always a good investment to impress and be speaks about who you are. 

Still unsure of how to go about getting your first tuxedo made? Free to always get in touch with the Q MENSWEAR to ensure you get your tuxedo proper.

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