Style Guide: How to dress campy & OTT at the MET GALA

Style Guide: How to dress campy & OTT at the MET GALA

June 02, 2019

For anyone of you reading this, you might think that the annual MET Gala held in New York is only super exclusive for celebrities and high-net worth individuals. But did you know that you can actually pay to get an invite to this event? It cost USD35,000 for a ticket or at least USD200,000 for a table....and that excludes the cost of a designer outfit and donations you have to make during the gala.

If you ever feel rich or get invited, here's some key tips to getting dressed up for the red carpet prior to the gala.

There is a different theme every year and what makes the MET Gala unique is the focus on over-the-top fashion extravagance displayed on the red carpet. Think Oscar + Halloween + Fashion graduates show + Couture fashion shows.

Here are a few key considerations for your outfit selection.



Billy Porter leads the grand entrace in his....birdman suit?


Exaggerated Silhouette

Alessandro Michele of Gucci shows you to put off an all shocking pink outfit.


Out of this world imagination

SHOCKING! Try to scare the shit out of everyone.



When you can't decide whether to wear a gown or suit....


Humour Parody's Billy Porter being Cleopatra. Do factor the costs of hiring 8 strong men to do this.



Religiously inspired outfits that can be quite controversial.


Designer labels

Of course there are some who can put it off tastefully....or not?

Lewis Hamilton in Tommy Hilfiger

Odell Beckham Jr. in Thom Browne, super camp!

So afterall...... There are no limitations on how creative you want to be, either trashy loud or tastefully boomz! This is once in a lifetime opportunity to get famous, or infamous! Have fun dressing up!


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