Style Guide: Top 10 Spy Killer Looks

Style Guide: Top 10 Spy Killer Looks

Spy movies, particularly ones involving British spies always has its main character dressed immaculately stylish and elegantly. Think James Bond 007, Kingsman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and even spy comedy Johnny English. These movies weren't just thriller with its espionage storyline, they were also influential with their wardrobe choices inspiring men around the world to dress and look like them. 

In this month's Style Guide, we look at some of the most iconic looks from spy thriller movies that set men commissioning their tailors to bespoke their suit.

The Midnight Blue Tuxedo (SkyFall)

After SkyFall, men realised Tuxedo doesn't necessarily has to be Black.

The Safari Suit (The Man With The Golden Gun)

A very strong signature look worn by Roger Moore has become common reference for safari suits even up to today.

The Double-breasted suit ( Kingsman )

The Kingsman movie franchise made the Double-breasted jacket desirable again. Never knew DB suits could be so stylish.

Daniel Craig very fitted Grey suit (Skyfall)

This look and fit has been one of the most commonly requests from our clients since 007 started wearing Tom Ford suits.

Sean Connery's Light Grey 3-pc Suit (Goldfinger)

This hit James Bond movie created a trend in the 1960s for men to don single tone grey 3-pc suit. Remember Don Draper character from Madmen drama series set in the 1960s?

George Lazenby's Cream Suit (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)

A bold styling option in late 1960s when It was uncommon for men to wear pink to match with a cream colour suit.

Roger Moore's Window Pane Jacket (The Man With The Golden Gun)

Men in the 70's began breaking up suits and learning how to wear patterned suits.

 The Ivory Dinner Jacket (The Man With The Golden Gun)

Sean Connery shows you how to stand out from the crowd of black Tuxedos.

The Velvet Tux ( Kingsman )

Velvet revisited again as another fabric option for Tuxedos.

The Charcoal Grey 3-pc suit (George Smiley Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)


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