Style Guide: Stripes Are Back And How To Wear Them

Style Guide: Stripes Are Back And How To Wear Them

Trends come and go. For those who are old enough will probably remember that stripes were all the rage for business shirts in the early 2000s. Then in 2010s, it all kinda became outdated or too 'pyjamas-looking'. Then in recent seasons, we are beginning to see a resurrection of this trend updated with different ways of styling them and becoming a trend again. 

In this issue of Style Guide, we explained the different types of stripes you can consider when getting a new stripes shirt or suit. 

Types of Stripes Shirts: 

  • Pencil Stripe.  Pencil stripes are very thin that they look like to have been drawn by the sharp point of a pencil. Wider than a pinstripe, but narrower than a chalk stripe. 



  • Bengal Stripe. Bengal stripes are an eternal classic. Thicker than pencil stripes, often compromising of a two colour vertical pattern, with the background and stripe being of equal width. It is commonly done in white and one other colour. It is the most commonly used stripes for formal business shirts.



  • Candy Stripe. Candy stripes are thick, bold, and playful in colour. As the name suggests they resemble candy canes and would be more appropriate for a casual shirting context. 



  • Deckchair. This is a staple of summer looks, the broader vertical stripes look great on a casual shirt. It is definitely a bolder look, especially with strong contrasting colours such as red and white, alternatively you can also opt for more muted options such as light greys and pastel colours. 



  • Pinstripes. This little boardroom staple has been rebranded as a casual piece recently. The pinstripe shirt is a versatile wardrobe classic.  



  • Breton Stripes. James Dean remains to be a definitive style icon today. And because of him, this stripe variant never dies.


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