STYLE GUIDE: Tips to looking good for videoconferencing

STYLE GUIDE: Tips to looking good for videoconferencing

May 10, 2020

Telecommunicating has become a big part of corporate life now with the Covid situation. A lot people has the concept of dressing down for WFH virtual meeting since it sounds ridiculous to dress up at home but do keep in mind that your personal professional appearance still matters a lot in these calls.

During this period, we have seen some companies setting a requirement for employees to dress up during work hours at home to instil a sense of professionalism and work ethics. Whether you're hosting an online virtual meeting or attending a professional meeting online, do take note of some tips we have prepared and gathered for you about appropriate WFH style.

1) Shave!

Imagine stepping up to a meeting with an uneven beard and dishevelled hair trying to make a good impression.



2) A jacket helps.

A softer approach to dressing formal and comfortable. Layering is always a good choice when you want to elevate your dressing. 

Not too much though.

The catch is to look good but not overly too much. Lighter colors for your jacket or shirt would be recommended to look fresher and charming. 


3) Lighting

Check article for lighting:

The best "makeup" for your looks would be the lighting. A good light vs a bad light and can make big changes to your appearance. 











4) Get nice background.

Working from home have its benefits- like wearing sweatpants underneath a buttoned up shirt with a jacket / waking up 10 minutes before a meeting (I don't suggest it).

But a messy and 'unglamourous' background could be really distracting or shows something about your personality. To avoid all these, go for clean or simple backgrounds such as a simple wall or bookshelves. Of course have some fun with the interesting backgrounds that some video call software has to offer.

Have some background fun for those Star Wars fans.

We hope you enjoy this article and do share it if you like it!

Stay safe, stay sane. Take care!



P.S: Remember to wash your hands!



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