Fashionista: Summer Linen Looks, the Japanese Way.

Linen is one of the best fabrics to wear in our tropics but not many knows how to pull it off stylishly. In this Fashionista blog post, we are taking inspiration from some of the most stylish Japanese men who can pull of the linen looks effortlessly.

Style Guide: Suited for Women

The suit is an iconic fashion staple, as well as a symbol of masculinity, formality and power. Historically this piece of clothing is only worn by men, however there are instances where women wore a suit for political or controversial reasons. The fashion industry made a gender-defying breakthrough in the 1960s with André Courrèges's minimalist pantsuits and Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking tuxe...

Star Awards 2017: Who We Dressed

Sunday April 16: The Star Awards Walk of Fame is the one of the highlights of the award show. Local and international celebrities strut their stuff into the main event, posing and showcasing their glamorous dresses and snazzy suits. This year we had the privilege to dress 4 of Singapore's finest male celebrities: Lee Teng, Rayson Tan, Dennis Chew and Guo Liang. Here's a lookbook of the evening ...


Style-savvy men across the globe, from the editors at Fashion Week to the well-heeled gents on the streets of Tokyo, have all been sporting the latest trend in menswear: suit separates. Do it right and you’ll exponentially expand your wardrobe options, but take the wrong turn, and you ’ll look like you’ve accidentally paired the wrong trousers with your jacket in the post-slumber blur of the ...
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