8 movies that will inspire you to dress better

Fashion has always been heavily influenced by music and movies that stamp a statement on style. The design team at Q MENSWEAR each has our own favourite movie that has influenced our aesthetics and here are the list of movies we all have agreed that has made an impact on mens' fashion which you should watch. 

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Looking at revamping your wardrobe for 2019? In Q MENSWEAR tradition, each year we will collate the lucky colours for different Zodiacs for your reference, Let's make the YEAR OF PIG a fun and colourful one!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For centuries Fashion has always been forward-looking and breaking boundaries in terms of styling, cut and silhouettes. What used to be fashionable in the past, may seem as a passé now especially with the ever changing trends set by high street fashion houses. Before we take a look at the recent menswear collections, let us understand what lead to shift in ...

Style Guide: Top 10 Spy Killer Looks

Spy movies, particularly ones involving British spies always has its main character dressed immaculately stylish and elegantly. Think James Bond 007, Kingsman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and even spy comedy Johnny English. These movies weren't just thriller with its espionage storyline, they were also influential with their wardrobe choices inspiring men around the world to dress and look like t...
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