Fashionista: Summer Linen Looks, the Japanese Way.

Linen is one of the best fabrics to wear in our tropics but not many knows how to pull it off stylishly. In this Fashionista blog post, we are taking inspiration from some of the most stylish Japanese men who can pull of the linen looks effortlessly.

Style Guide: The Black Tie Etiquette.

With rising affluence and cultural awareness in Asian societies, social events, weddings and business dinners are getting grandeur in scale and the mention of black tie attire is very common nowadays. This elegant attire has always been the epitome of mens elegance and having one proper tuxedo in your wardrobe is now a basic requirement especially if you're active in the social circuit.

So in this issue of Style Guide, let us share with you some basic black tie etiquette that must be observed when you receive an invitation that states for a black tie formal attire. 

Star Awards 2017: Who We Dressed

Sunday April 16: The Star Awards Walk of Fame is the one of the highlights of the award show. Local and international celebrities strut their stuff into the main event, posing and showcasing their glamorous dresses and snazzy suits. This year we had the privilege to dress 4 of Singapore's finest male celebrities: Lee Teng, Rayson Tan, Dennis Chew and Guo Liang. Here's a lookbook of the evening ...

Style Guide: Trends for Spring-Summer 2017

March 2017 marks the arrival of Spring-Summer styles onto the retail scene and this guide gives you an indication of the trends that will be adopted by many trendsetters and influencers. From our Q MENSWEAR perspective, we highlight some of trends that are more adaptable and relevant to our 'Asia-tropic' clients. Other trends from the runway such as translucent shirt and very short shorts, we s...

Style Guide: Essentials for a Stylish Winter Holiday

Planning a trip to countries in the northern hemisphere this winter and not sure what to pack? As frequent traveller myself, I always have 2 objectives in mind when I am packing for my winter trips: MINIMUM LUGGAGE & LOOKING GOOD.  So I am listing down some of the essentials which I would strongly recommend in your winter packing list: 1. BASE LAYER THERMAL WEAR Putting on layers & lay...
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