Fashionista: Summer Linen Looks, the Japanese Way.

Linen is one of the best fabrics to wear in our tropics but not many knows how to pull it off stylishly. In this Fashionista blog post, we are taking inspiration from some of the most stylish Japanese men who can pull of the linen looks effortlessly.

STYLE GUIDE: 4 Easy to Pull Off Zoom Looks

In this guide, we 'zoom' in more into the specific looks that you can pull off with pieces in your wardrobe so that you can easily dress up proper for what ever meeting you're into. 

8 movies that will inspire you to dress better

Fashion has always been heavily influenced by music and movies that stamp a statement on style. The design team at Q MENSWEAR each has our own favourite movie that has influenced our aesthetics and here are the list of movies we all have agreed that has made an impact on mens' fashion which you should watch. 


  Fashion is a way of life and it shouldn't fade away just because of age. This issue we are taking a look at some seniors who can dress way better than most men half their age. Learn a few tricks from these gentlemen if you're looking at jazzing up your dad or even yourself. These seniors' mature confidence adds an additional sartorial aura that comes only with age, like the smoothness of a g...
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