August 16, 2018

Movie: Crazy Rich Asians premiers on the 17th of August featuring Henry Golding and Constance Wu have sparkled the attention national-wide as it will be the first all-star asian Hollywood film. 

Henry Golding, the man of the hourCrazy Rich Asians Marina Bay Sands, donned with suits during the whole production of crazy rich asians have a few things to teach us, style-wise.


Playing on the same color is a good choice when the shirt is light enough to contrast with the jacket. Suit: Pastel Red with matching buttons, no contrast. Notched Lapel with two buttons. Trousers: Stand hook front, slanted pockets. 
With this style, matching with a dark brown watch and shoes will be a good choice to not take away from the look. 



The suit definitely makes a statement. Mustard yellow is not a common color for suiting but that makes unique- when building up your personal wardrobe. The color maybe overbearing however, with a good cut it will flatter and leave a lasting impression. Lighter colors usually makes the person look more approachable and friendly whereas darker shades will come off more serious and "business-like".





Tuxedo usually comes in black or midnight blue. This is refreshing for a tuxedo that comes in this light pastel blue color. Jacket: Light teal pastel blue with a matching satin shawl lapel. Standard one satin button with satin lined pockets on the two sides, no chest pockets. This is a design that strays between traditional tuxedo and contemporary. Shirt: Regular collar, no wing-tip with a standard black bow-tie and silver studded buttons in the front with no pleats







Light bluish velvet tuxedo with contrast satin shaw lapel. The jacket is contrast with the black satin bounds buttons to tie in with the whole contrast look. The look is definitely not for the common with the contrast light brown patterned pants. 












When pairing lighter shades suit, white shirts or light shades would make the look fresh and young. Henry's look in this photo is more conservative with white shirt and white pocket square. Light pink would work as well as it gives a more color and unique-ness to the wearer. Good for fair-skinned tone.









The charcoals and greys subtle and reserved for events and meetings. Two buttoned suits, peak lapels for the two on the left and notched lapel for the white jacket on the right. 









Lastly we have a light grey suit, two buttons, notched lapel with a contrast stitching color for buttons holes. Matching the watch color with the tie color looks put together and well dressed. 

When buying a suit, it is also an opportunity to build your own style and preferences, as Henry Goulding definitely have taken a liking to pastel, light colored blue suits pairing with white shirts. 



With this, I end with a quote:



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