8 Movies That Will Inspire You To Dress Better

8 Movies That Will Inspire You To Dress Better

Fashion has always been heavily influenced by music and movies that stamp a statement on style. The design team at Q MENSWEAR each has our own favourite movie that has influenced our aesthetics and here are the list of movies we all have agreed that has made an impact on mens' fashion which you should watch. 


Synopsis: The movie is a light-hearted spy action movie that follows Gary Eggsy played by Taron Egerton, who at the start of the move is portrayed as a stereotypical chav. After he is recruited into the Kingsman organization, named after the tailor that dresses the agents, he turns into the quintessential gentleman spy. 

Fun fact: The suit in the movie are made by Huntsman of Saville Row

The Kingsman look:
Kingsman is a British secret service organisation, hence the classic English cut is employed for the jackets to stay quintessentially English. The key look from the movie are the double breasted suits stylishly embodied by Taron Egerton and Colin Firth as the distinctive Kingsman look. The colours used for the suits expresses English stoicism and restraint, which are mostly neutrals and greys. 

What's inspiring about the Kingsman movie is the character development of Eggy from a street style punk to a well dressed Englishman through mentorship of Harry Hart, a senior agent played by the Colin Firth (above pic). How bespoke tailoring can inspired character change and confidence.

Another notable character in the movie, Merlin played by Mark Strong (below) is a quiet agent who shows us his dress sense from formal to smart casuals.


In part 2 of the Kingsman series, Eggy showed us how to have fun with a formal tuxedo suit if one is in the mood for a more flamboyant style (below pic).

This is an unconventional tuxedo look mainly due to the bright orange velvet used for the outer. Typically tuxedos are either in black or white however Eggsy chose to challenge the norms with a bright colour.


Synopsis: Inception is science fiction action movie that stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a professional thief that steals information by Infiltrating the target's subconscious mind.

The main theme of inception's costume design was to create an ambiguous time period thus elements of the present and the past were used, this creates an interesting blend of contemporary and classic.

A clean and smart look by Leonardo DiCaprio (Above). This look features a modern American cut in the suit where the shoulders are straighter and more boxy than the classic english cut. The more boxy and straight shoulders give the sense of authority and power suitable for people who want to mean business. 

What we love about this look is in the details. Take a look at how perfectly fitted the collars are, matching point-to-point and well knotted tie. The proportion of the spread collar and tie knot is well executed too.

For a more casual and adventurous look, the character Arthur played by Joseph-Gordon Levitt is the way to go.

This look above is a clever play on the earth tones, featuring olive green and tan. This projects a rustic and nostalgic feel. The notch lapel vest adds a stylish flair to his look without a jacket. Matching the shirt with an olive green shirt with a rather large spread collar, this type of collar was common in the 70s where the collar overlaps the outerwear. By opening the top button and rolling up the sleeves it gives the feeling of nonchalance and coolness.

Remember the super cool anti-gravity fight scene in the hotel corridor? Joseph-Gordon Levitt was slick in another waistcoat ensemble (below pic) that exudes smart chic. A great reference for putting on that waistcoat that is sitting idle in your wardrobe.


Crazy, Stupid, Love

Synopsis: Crazy, Stupid, Love is a romantic comedy that follows a recently divorced man, Cal (Steve Carell) and his journey to rediscovering himself and is taught how to impress ladies by Jacob, a serial womaniser played by handsome Ryan Gosling. This movie shows us how a typical man facing mid-life crisis can regain his charm & social confidence through an improved wardrobe

Above is one of the very popular look depicted by Ryan Gosling in a well coordinated navy suit with a little detailing in the lapel that makes a classic navy suit stand out.

In the movie Ryan gosling is a connoisseur of contemporary men's style. His style features more contemporary cuts. The jackets are slimmer and more sleek, this is done so by creating a natural shoulder and featuring a sharply nipped waist, reminiscent of Italian cut suits. His colour choice is daring and confident suiting his character in the movie

Now let's look at the other main character Cal played by Steve Carrell. His transformation from a middle age American homely husband to a swagger that sweeps all ladies off their feet at the bar.

This look on Steve Carell is relaxed and stylish. He doesn't go for flashy outfits like Ryan Gosling which suits his age just well. But all his pieces are simple, well cut and coordinated. A fun movie to catch with its inter-related characters and of course good looking men who can dress well.

JAMES BOND 007 (Daniel Craig's franchise)

Synopsis: The iconic Jame Bond series that follows British secret agent James bond. He is an agent that fights his enemies in style and class.

Fun Fact: Did you know for every suit featured in James Bond movies, they make them in multiples of up to 50pcs. The higher number sets are for those scenes whereby Daniel Craig has to fight, run and jump off planes/trains/cars/motorcycles. In reality, suits aren't built for fights. 


Let's start off with a classic look by Daniel Craig's James Bond. A great tuxedo is a common feature in all James Bond movie as he dresses up for VIP events and all of his tux are stunning. One of our favourite set is the one above from Skyfall with a glamorous sheen tux. Very appropriate and updated to stand out among all the black tuxedos.

How to survive a fight in the desert heat? Take cue from this look from James Bond in Spectre.

This looks blend perfectly with the hot weather and the Moroccan setting of this scene. This look break away from the traditional dark colours that Bond usually wears and shows us how to put off a Tan or neutral colour suit.

One of the most popular request from our clients is the grey suit worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall. Light grey suits can be very stylish instead of looking like your grandad if you choose the right texture (slight sheen) and a masculine cut. 


The Great Gatsby (2013)

Synopsis: The Great Gatsby is a romantic drama that follows World War One veteran Nick Caraway and his involvement in Jay Gatsby's flamboyant life.


Leonardo Dicaprio plays the flamboyant character of Jay Gatsby whom has an interesting wardrobe choice of colours. Given that the story is based in the 1920s, his colour choices of suits were considered very bold during that era. The styling choices by the wardrobe team for the movie did a brilliant job in portraying Jay's eccentric yet tasteful style. The white suit with contrasting waistcoat and tie that goes so well together along with his walking stick.

“Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit.” “Nevertheless he's an Oxford man.” In one of the memorable scene, Jay wore a pink suit for a serious meeting and his counterparts remarked about his pink suit. Shocking yet pulling it off so well. Real men wears pink and this look has certainly inspired men to look at pink suit differently ever.

 What's flamboyance without a platform to show his peacock nature? In the movie's grand party scene thrown by Jay, he is seen in a Tux lounge suit quite American style. This scene below has became the movie's poster and of course, a viral meme used in today's social media.

"I am afraid I haven't been a good host, Old Sport. I am Gatsby"


Synopsis: A Single Man is an American drama about George Falconer a middle aged English professor who recent lost his partner.

A single man is a movie directorial debut by Tom Ford. With Tom Ford's sense of beauty and elegance, one would definitely have to use it as a style reference for contemporary classiness. This movie has the iconic Tom Ford menswear style; always fitted and alpha male shaped, keeping the wearer looking sharp and elegant. This can be seen in the way Colin Firth choices of suits, his obsession with white shirts, the immaculate fit and tidiness.

An arthouse film that isn't really mainstream entertainment and has certain Wong Kar Wai style of film-making which Tom Ford has acknowledge his admiration for.


Synopsis: The movie follows Matt Damon as Tom Ripley a man who takes the identity of Dickie the son a rich shipping magnate.


The main character Tom was mistaken to be a Princeton student with his Ivy League preppy look that gives off the prim and proper feel with a vintage touch. This look starts with the jacket that tom is wearing. It is a subtle plaid jacket with a notched lapel and boxy shoulders reminiscent of the American cut of suits. He is always seen in a buttoned down point collar popularised by the preppy Ivy league style of fashion. 

The Mediterranean or French Riviera Look. 

This casual look by Matt Damon is timeless and versatile. This look is perfect for a casual outing or a holiday to the Mediterranean. Overall this is a simple and lasting look that anyone can pull off. If you want to project more of a vintage look having a similar hairstyle to Matt Damon in the movie and a pair of rounded square frame glasses will help achieve the desired look.

In The Mood for Love & 2046

Synopsis: In The Mood for Love is a romantic drama about a man and a woman whose spouse have an affair together and how they slowly develop feelings for one another. 2046 is a loose sequel to In The Mood for Love which follows Cho-Mo Wan's unconsummated affair with Su Li Zhen.

The style of Tony Leung in both films are impeccable and not showing some would be a waste. So let's start with In The Mood For Love. The movie is set in 60s Hong Kong thus the styling take great inspiration from that time period. This look features Tony Leung in a light brown two-piece suit. The cut of the suit features an English cut with broad shoulders, a notched lapel and a single breasted construction. The colour of the suit is muted and perfect for a quiet elegance.

We like the styling details in his shirt collars. Slim ties were the norm in the sixties and the use of collar pins showcases the sartorial mindfulness of Tony Leung's character.


Both are highly artistic arthouse films which takes one time to fully decipher the story and what director Wong Kar Wai is trying to communicate through his cinematography, costumes and body language of the actors. Great to watch over and over again and still feeling inspired always.

What other movies to catch?

Of course the list of inspiring menswear movies is quite exhausting and subjective. Take time to watch any of the movies if you haven't seen it yet and leave us comments on your thoughts too!

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