Q-kipedia: Learn about our Egyptian Cotton

Q-kipedia: Learn about our Egyptian Cotton

Some FACTS about Cotton

Cotton is the most important apparel fiber in the world and it is a natural cellulosic fibers grown in cotton plantations in many parts of the world. It accounts for about 39% of fibers used in apparel goods globally. The major producers of Cotton are China, India, United States, Brazil and Pakistan. There are different species of cottons for different usage from industrial fabrications to luxury shirting materials.

Properties, Advantage, Care

It is naturally comfortable, easy care, pleasing appearance, moderate cost and durability makes it the ideal material for clothing in the warm climate region. Depending on the yarn size of your cotton shirt, higher yarn counts will have thinner yarns and softer hand feel. High yarn count cotton fabrics are also more breathable and wicks sweat away from your body faster.

Caring for cotton is easy as it can resist strong detergent and doesn’t require special care during washing and drying. Cotton releases all types of soil and stain readily with warm or cold washes. To ensure long lasting durability, cotton shirts are advised to be washed in mild detergent with cold water and preferably, hand wash. Drying cotton shirt in dryer will increase the shrinkage of the fabric, thus it is always better to air dry your cotton shirts indoors.

Here at Q MENSWEAR, we know about our products inside out. Do check with us if you are unsure about taking care of your shirts and let our knowledgeable staffs advise you on proper garment care.


Premium Quality Cotton

Egyptian Cotton

The term Egyptian cotton refers to the extra long staple cotton grown in Egypt and favored for the luxury and upmarket brands worldwide. Most fabric mills in Italy, Switzerland and France uses Egyptian cotton for their high quality shirting fabric. Compared to the Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton are more durable and softer, thus its command of higher price and setting a reputation as the most sought after quality cotton.

Sea Island Cotton

Sea Island cotton is one of the most valuable and costly cotton varieties. It is known for its silky feel, luster and fine long staple. It is another species of Pima cotton grown in the islands off the Carribean and the Atlantic coast of southern U.S.

Pima Cotton

Typically grown in the South Western region of U.S. and Central America and sometimes also known as the American Pima Cotton. The best crop of Pima cotton are from Peru, whether the Pima cotton fibers are known to be longer and more durable. Pima cotton are sometimes also referred as Extra Long Staple (ELS) because its fibers are 40% longer and thicker than other types of cotton. Have longer lengths of fabric enables yarn to be spun thinner and finer.

Pima cotton materials are commonly used in high end apparel brands for shirts and jersey T-shirts.

At Q MENSWEAR, we offer European Fabrics made with Egyptian cotton and Sea Island cotton. Do ask about our extensive fabric library when you are in our shop.

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