Q-Kipedia: Roll Out the Red Carpet

Q-Kipedia: Roll Out the Red Carpet

The Red Carpet: synonymous with fame and high fashion, and a staple at ceremonial and formal events. Ever wonder why the need for the red carpet at such events? And why is the red carpet red? Satiate your curiosity with our red carpet facts!

The very first reference of the red carpet dates back to 458 B.C. and the Aeschylus play Agamemnon, which depicts a Trojan War hero who returns home to find a crimson carpet rolled out for him by his malicious wife. The protagonist is shocked at the prospect of “trampling upon these tinted splendors” because as “a man, a mortal”, does not believe himself worthy of stepping on gods’ walkway. For since ancient to medieval times, the color red is reserved and sacred to the gods, the royalty and the aristocracy.

Much later in 1922, the late Hollywood showman, Sid Grauman, may have created the town’s red-carpet tradition, by laying out a red-colored walkway in front of his Egyptian Theatre for the first-ever Hollywood premiere, Robin Hood.

Since the 1960s, the red carpet is used in formal and highly-publicised events such as the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Met Gala and BAFTA. It is an essential platform for journalists and hosts discussing red carpet fashions, what designers are being worn by which stars and the horde of photographers taking pictures for magazines and media. This is how major fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Lanvin showcase their latest couture creations, some to the extent of creating a bespoke outfit for their celebrity muse. 

Best dressed male celebrities of The Oscars 2017

From left to right:

Ryan Gosling in Gucci , Riz Ahmed in Ermenegildo Zegna Couture , Pharrell in Chanel, Dev Patel in custom Burberry


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