Waistcoats or vests hasn't been a key item in men's wardrobe but it can be a really versatile piece to complete a spiffy or smart casual. A highly underrated item which we'd like to share more about in this article.

Q-KIPEDIA: Double-Breasted Jacket

Kingsmen 2: Taron Egerton / 'Eggsy' wearing Double breasted jacket BASIC GUIDE for Double Breasted suits: For all styles, the lapels are always peaked and the jacket always buttoned, never left open. It is supposed to fit in a specific manner, snug around the hips and wide at the shoulders.     Double Breasted Suit Details: Image from Black Lapel Appriopriate Dressing Given by its memorable...

Q-Kipedia: Roll Out the Red Carpet

The Red Carpet: synonymous with fame and high fashion, and a staple at ceremonial and formal events. Ever wonder why the need for the red carpet at such events? And why is the red carpet red? Satiate your curiosity with our red carpet facts! The very first reference of the red carpet dates back to 458 B.C. and the Aeschylus play Agamemnon, which depicts a Trojan War hero who returns home to fi...

Q-Kipedia: Spring and the Tuxedo

  Spring, the season of new beginnings, love and hope. As it draws ever closer, so does the season for Spring weddings. And what better for Spring weddings than the tuxedo.   Photo Source: Pinterest  The tuxedo, also known as the dinner jacket or smoking jacket, made its debut around 1887 in England, with the U.S following suit 2 years later. Named after Tuxedo Park, a Hudson Valley enclave fo...
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