Waistcoats or vests hasn't been a key item in men's wardrobe but it can be a really versatile piece to complete a spiffy or smart casual. A highly underrated item which we'd like to share more about in this article.


Tuxedo or also known as dinner jacket is a formal suit that has satin covered on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim and stripe down the trousers. It is meant to be worn on special occasions. It is usually in black or midnight blue -black tie dress code.

Q-KIPEDIA: Play with Colors

Understanding colors greatly helps in putting on a stylish ensemble- to work, to date or a walk in the park. Identifying colors that are complementary, contrasting and adjacent is useful as a guide for pairing your shirts, ties, shoes (accessorising).  Figure 1: Color Wheel Adjacent Colors: On the color wheel, colors that are located next to each other are called adjacent colors. They harmo...

Q-KIPEDIA: Double-Breasted Jacket

Kingsmen 2: Taron Egerton / 'Eggsy' wearing Double breasted jacket BASIC GUIDE for Double Breasted suits: For all styles, the lapels are always peaked and the jacket always buttoned, never left open. It is supposed to fit in a specific manner, snug around the hips and wide at the shoulders.     Double Breasted Suit Details: Image from Black Lapel Appriopriate Dressing Given by its memorable...
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