Shirts are daily staples in our wardrobe and we spent the longest time in them. They speak a lot about your personality through the choice of colours, cut and designs. A Q MENSWEAR shirt isn’t made-to-measure or tailored made, it is BESPOKE. A Bespoke shirt is not only cut individually according to your unique measurements and body posture, it projects an unspoken branding and image of who you are.

The Cut

At Q MENSWEAR, we understand the importance of having shirts that are comfortable and functional for work yet at the same time ensuring that you look professional and sharp. Our standard cut is SLIM FIT with two back darts that nicely moulds the shirt to your body without being tight or uncomfortable. It makes you look sharper and some clients even commented that having a bespoke shirt helps to ‘shed kilos’ off his image. Not only are our measurements precise, we take into considerations of several areas which are often neglected by other tailors to provide a highly defined bespoke cut.

Shirting Fabrics

We put in many efforts since our start up in 2011 to source for the best quality shirting materials that are value for your money as well. We have now over 2,000 selections of shirting fabrics for your selection. From basic cottons to high grades 200′s (Singles) Egyptian Cotton shirts. Whether you’re an executive looking for wardrobe staple shirts or a bespoke connoisseur who understands the value of buying into premium grade Egyptian cotton shirts, we have them all under one roof. View some the brands of shirting materials that we carry over here.
Besides cotton fabrics, we also do have other shirting materials such as linens, cotton-linen blends, silk and many other interesting design fabrics. 

Making a Bespoke Shirt with Q MENSWEAR

We take time to understand your personality and needs for the shirts you’re ordering from us and we will recommend best fabrics based on your skin tone, physique, occupation and budget. Once fabrics and designs are finalised, your shirt will be cut from scratch by our tailor directly on the shirting material (do not be alarmed if you see chalk markings inside your new shirts) and ready within 2 weeks. Slightly longer if your design requirements are complex or if embroidery is required. For new customers, we always make one fitting shirt to achieve the satisfactory fit before proceeding with more shirts order.
Our Quality.

All our shirts seams are joined using French fell seam technique, a tedious process which makes your shirt seaming more durable and comes with a cleaner finish. Collars and cuffs are fused with 2 different layers of German quality interlining using industrial strength hydraulic heat press machine. This ensures our collars and cuffs are structured and supple without the stiffness or ‘plastic’ hand feel. Standard buttons are real Mother of Pearl buttons and attached to the shirt using electronic button lockstitch machine which can create locking stitches at the stem to ensure durability.

Design and Detailing

‘God is in the details’ – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
All a good shirt need is good cut and the right colour to make a wearer looks good. But a bespoke customer is allowed to personify his style through designs and special details added to his shirt. Little details such as special buttons, different cut, adding contrasting trims are special touches we can do to enhance the experience of making your own bespoke shirts. We have a standard design template at Q MENSWEAR but we do offer ‘off-the-menu’ designs upon requests by clients with additional charges.

Made in Singapore

Q MENSWEAR is a Singapore-based brand and we are proud to be actively supporting our local craftsmen and tailors. All our shirts are proudly hand cut, sewn and finished in Singapore. Since all our productions are made locally, we are able to engage with our tailors directly on specific design requirements and still ensuring a faster turnaround without compromising on quality.

Sizing Chart


Chest (Shirt) Chest (Body) Collar Shoulder Sleeve Length
46 40" / 102cm 36" / 91cm 15" / 38cm 17" / 43cm 25" / 63.5cm 28.5" / 72cm
48 42" / 107cm 38" / 96.5cm 15.5" / 39.5cm 17.5" / 44.5cm 25.5" / 65cm 29" / 73.5cm
50 44" / 112cm 40" / 102cm 16" / 40.5cm 18" / 45.5cm 26" / 66cm 29.5" / 75cm
52 46" / 117cm 42" / 107cm 16.5" / 42cm 18.5" / 47cm 26.5" / 67.3cm 30" / 76cm
54 48" / 122cm 44" / 112cm 17" / 43.2cm 19" / 48cm 27" / 68.5cm 30.5" / 77.5cm
56 50" / 127cm 46" / 117cm 17.5" / 44.5cm 19.5" / 49.5cm 27.5" / 70cm 31" / 78.5cm