Making a Bespoke Shirt with Q MENSWEAR

We take time to understand your personality and needs for the shirts you’re ordering from us and we will recommend best fabrics based on your skin tone, physique, occupation and budget. Once fabrics and designs are finalised, your shirt will be cut from scratch by our tailor directly on the shirting material (do not be alarmed if you see chalk markings inside your new shirts) and ready within 2 weeks.

We have a standard design template at Q MENSWEAR but we do offer ‘off-the-menu’ designs upon requests by clients with additional charges. Little details such as special buttons, different cut, adding contrasting trims are special touches we can do to enhance the experience of making your own bespoke shirts.

Our Quality

All our shirts seams are joined using French fell seam technique, a tedious process which makes your shirt seaming more durable and comes with a cleaner finish. Collars and cuffs are fused with 2 different layers of German quality interlining using industrial strength hydraulic heat press machine. This ensures our collars and cuffs are structured and supple without the stiffness or ‘plastic’ hand feel. Standard buttons are real Mother of Pearl buttons and attached to the shirt using electronic button lockstitch machine which can create locking stitches at the stem to ensure durability.

For new customers, we always make one fitting shirt to achieve the satisfactory fit before proceeding with more shirts order.

Making a Bespoke Suit with Q Menswear

Upon selection of a fabric and designs, our jacket will be drafted from scratch directly on the fabric based on your own unique measurements and body posture. A fitting toile using the actual fabric will be loosely hand stitched together for your first fitting. During the first fitting, we will seek to address any fitting errors such as unsightly creases, inaccurate fit and most importantly, your opinions and input on how you like the feel and appearance of the first fit.

The second fit will usually feel like how the finished jacket will be. Any adjustments will be minor during the second fitting. We usually do not fit more than twice unless the client has a very unusual body posture which can be very difficult to achieve a perfect fit, thus the need for more fittings. A jacket will take 3 - 4 weeks from order to completion.

There are many things that you can customise your suit jacket such as choices of buttons, inner lining designs and pocketing needs. Our sleeves are working plackets that you can also personalise with different colour stitching of buttonholes or add a discreet embroidery in it. Standard suits comes with natural horn buttons.

Our Jacket Make

We can make fully hand canvassed suits which makes a suit softer, lighter and most importantly for the suit ‘float’ naturally. We only make a fully hand canvassed suit for selected range of premium wool fabrics which will further enhance the beauty of the material. There is a shortage of skilled craftsmen in Singapore who can make a high quality fully hand canvassed suit, thus our reservations for only premium wool selections.

For basic wool or wool-blend suits, we uses ‘half-canvassed and half fused’ technique as it is requires less manpower hours on each suit and it suits wool blend materials as these materials are already partially synthetic. Even for our fusing, we uses very advance German quality fusing that are superior in handling. We also make half-lined jackets for summer using Linen, cotton and other blends. Other styles of jackets and coats that we do include Trench coats, Morning coats, Tailcoats, Tuxedo suits, Safari Jackets, Hacking Jackets and many more.

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