Q MENSWEAR is a leading fashion label for off-the-rack menswear and bespoke suit and tailor pants in Singapore. With Chong Han San at the helm, each item from our collection is designed to meet the fashion and lifestyle needs of the modern gentleman.

Our story started in 2011 in a designer spoke store where we offered very basic selections and limited options for custom-made suits and shirts. Over the years, we have further developed our craft to bring our clients sharp and classic pieces that bode well in an ever-dynamic and trend-conscious society. Fast forward to today, Q MENSWEAR has become a sought-after Singapore tailor.

We pride ourselves in being the best tailor in Singapore able to deliver top-quality bespoke suits that are a perfect fit for our clients’ tastes, needs and budget. The sky is the limit when it comes to bespoke creations, with our store being equipped with all sorts of fabrics and designs up for selection. Our full customization services are not only limited to the bespoke suit and ready-to-wear clothes, and also include shoes, accessories, travel goods and grooming kits.

Our service is not only limited to giving our clients the best tailor suit in Singapore. We are committed to providing each customer with top-notch designer service from start to finish.

In a centuries-old tailoring industry that is bound by many sartorial rules and gentlemen’s dress codes, Q MENSWEAR tackles today’s perception of bespoke tailoring with a modern approach. At Q MENSWEAR, we pride ourselves in being a leading suit tailor in Singapore that understands the personal needs of our clients. Here, the rules and standards of gentlemen’s dressing are learnt and reapplied to conform to today’s fast-moving fashion industry.

Located at the historic district of Telok Ayer Street, we are housed in a charming heritage shophouse whereby clients can escape from the fast-paced life of the CBD when they visit our boutique lounge. Not just a tailoring shop, we have become one of the best gentlemen and menswear lifestyle store in Singapore today.


We strongly believe that human’s perception of aesthetics is purely based on two main principles of design: Colours and Proportion. To look good, the key ingredients are good colour coordination and cutting it right to bring out the best of every individual. Design details, brand-named fabrics and heritage play secondary role to the ingredients of looking good. Our design emphasis is on how good YOU look and suitability of the attire to your environment. From there, we build beautiful garments bespoken for you.


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