THE FASHIONISTA: The "Work From Home" Edition

THE FASHIONISTA: The "Work From Home" Edition

Work from home (WFH) has become a term that is synonymous with our daily life due to the COVID-19 virus. Despite working from home, this doesn't necessarily mean that the opportunity to dress up is lost. With hashtags such as #rakesathome and #staycoolathome, there are many looks that you can draw inspiration from. Here are some of our favourite looks:


Alexander Kraft -  Owner of Sothebys Realty France, La Maison Bleue & Alexander Kraft Montecarlo

A homely and cosy elegant look by mixing a soft wool/cashmere turtleneck sweater under a light brown jacket with a pair of matching loafers as seen on Alexander. 


Motofumi "Poggy the Man" Kogi - Creative Director for United Arrows & Sons

Poggy’s unique style speaks to his rich palette of influences, from rockabilly and hip-hop, to the blue-collar stylings of hippie communes. As seen from his styling above, a wide lapel double breasted jacket with a very comfortable wide leg pants with what looks like a pair of flamingo bedroom loafers. Chic!


Tomoyoshi Takada - Creative Director of Colony Clothing 

Going for a layered look and a colour combination that is oozes effortless chic. Pair a light blue shirt with a pair of single pleated (roomy) brown chinos, Tomoyoshi is perfect example of looking suave and yet climate appropriate for Singapore.


Eric Boesten - GQ Australia Insider 

Simplicity is never under rated, as shown by Eric. Pairing his shirt with a pair of Gurkha pants has made his entire ensemble look very well put together. This works excellently well when you're late for your Zoom call and need to put on a smart look over your pyjamas singlet or tee!


Nicola Randano - Owner & Founder of Spacca Neapolis

Add a splash of colour and elevate your outfit by using a neckerchief as seen on Nicola. Accessories make a hell lot of difference.

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