THE FASHIONISTA: The "Work From Home" Edition

Work from home (WFH) has become a term that is synonymous with our daily life due to the COVID-19 virus. Despite working from home, this doesn't necessarily mean that the opportunity to dress up is lost. With hashtags such as #rakesathome and #staycoolathome, there are many looks that you can draw inspiration from. Here's a look at some interesting personalities who dress at home :-)
Photo: The New York. By Dana Meier

THE FASHIONISTA: Campy Style Stars

This year's Met Gala had the fashion world exhilarated with it's most outrageous theme: Camp. Celebrity attendees were decked out in the campiest and most over-the-top outfits, some of which really exceeded expectations. For this year, the groundbreaking looks didn't come from the ladies, but from the men...

THE FASHIONISTA: Smart Casuals of Pitti Uomo

It always seem so effortless for these 'pitti peacocks' (label for men who dress super well in Pitti Uomo) and what are the tricks or secrets to dressing up like them? In this issue of Fashionista, let's take a look at how some of these pitti peacocks cleverly used key items that will create a very fashionable smart casual Pitti look for yourself.

THE FASHIONISTA: Most Stylish Sportsmen

When it comes to style icons, we are usually inspired by what celebrities, musicians or designers wear. Recently, an emerging group of style icons has surfaced: celebrity athletes. These highly influential athletes are both slaying in their respective sports arena as well as in the fashion world. Without further ado, here are our pick of the top 5 most stylish sportsmen.   Mr. David Beckham th...
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