Style Guide: Trends for Spring-Summer 2017

Style Guide: Trends for Spring-Summer 2017

March 2017 marks the arrival of Spring-Summer styles onto the retail scene and this guide gives you an indication of the trends that will be adopted by many trendsetters and influencers.

From our Q MENSWEAR perspective, we highlight some of trends that are more adaptable and relevant to our 'Asia-tropic' clients. Other trends from the runway such as translucent shirt and very short shorts, we shall not mention much as we understand the kind of trends that will work or not.

Key Trends to note this season:

  • Yellow
  • Cream & Neutrals
  • Utilitarian details
  • 1990's Sportwear Street Style
  • Stripes, Big Stripes.
  • Bleach Splashed!
  • Checker Boards


 This season, give the yellow a try for a different splash of colour to your wardrobe. Opt for bright cadmium yellow or yellow-lime if you're on the lighter skin tone.



 An easy colour palette for those all types of skin tone. This could be an option for a business casual jacket if you already have a safe collection of dark colour suits.



 This season, we are seeing some styles and details from hiking gears and equipments. Parka jacket, cargo pants with very stylish fabrications. Detailings comes in the form of pocket pouches, carabiner, straps and jungle hats.



Finally we are seeing designers revisiting the 1990's for inspirations, an era most of us are familiar with. Taking a cue from the sportswear look popular in the 1990s, we are seeing how this style is being rejuvenated with more chic in 2017!



Stripes are back, in a big and wide way for this season. Variegated stripes, bold stripes are applied to both top and bottoms.



Another popular 1990's trend. Remember those bleached jeans we had back in the 90's, it is back in trend now. Wear it in style with slimmer cut pants or jeans for an updated look.



The simple monochromatic pattern is back on the runways but updated with different colour tones as well as bigger size squares.

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