Q Experience | Q Menswear 定制体验过程

Step 1:
Getting to know you.
Step 2:
Style guide.
Step 3:
Getting measured up.
Step 4:
Fitting sessions
Step 5:
Ready to impress!

Step 1: Getting to know you. 理解您的需求

The key to the perfect look bespoken for you is getting to know you in person. We will have a conversation about your style persona, purpose of the garments and your physical profile. From there, we will be able to focus on what are suits you or not rather than blindly recommending styles.

Step 2: Style recommendations. 设计师推荐

At this stage, make yourself comfortable in our cosy boutique and have a drink on us while we show you our fabric catalogues based on your requirements and recommend what is workable for you. After fabric selections, we will work on the design details of your garments and with our expertise, choose details that compliments your profile best.

Step 3: Getting measured up. 全身量体

This is the crucial stage whereby our designers will take very careful measurements and mentally craft your perfect look, knowing which area we want to camouflage and which area to highlight based the golden ratio proportion. Of course not forgetting your preference for fit and comfort!

Step 4: Fitting sessions. 半成品试衣

During your next visit to our boutique, your shirt, pants or suit will be ready for fitting. For suits, we generally require about 2 fittings to get it perfectly shaped for you. During fitting sessions, you can highlight to us your comfort level, whether the silhouette is closed to your expectations and we can make adjustments from your discussions.

Step 5: Ready to Impress! 穿出一身帅气!

On the final collection day, try on your bespoke shirts or suits and be impressed at how our cut and style recommendations can help you to look and feel confident about yourself. Feel free to check with us on other styling tips like matching of shoes, ties, pocket squares and other stuffs to spice up your look.


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