8 movies that will inspire you to dress better

Fashion has always been heavily influenced by music and movies that stamp a statement on style. The design team at Q MENSWEAR each has our own favourite movie that has influenced our aesthetics and here are the list of movies we all have agreed that has made an impact on mens' fashion which you should watch. 

Style Guide: Trends for Spring-Summer 2017

March 2017 marks the arrival of Spring-Summer styles onto the retail scene and this guide gives you an indication of the trends that will be adopted by many trendsetters and influencers. From our Q MENSWEAR perspective, we highlight some of trends that are more adaptable and relevant to our 'Asia-tropic' clients. Other trends from the runway such as translucent shirt and very short shorts, we s...


Style-savvy men across the globe, from the editors at Fashion Week to the well-heeled gents on the streets of Tokyo, have all been sporting the latest trend in menswear: suit separates. Do it right and you’ll exponentially expand your wardrobe options, but take the wrong turn, and you ’ll look like you’ve accidentally paired the wrong trousers with your jacket in the post-slumber blur of the ...
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