The Fashionista: Mr. Colin Firth

The Fashionista: Mr. Colin Firth

"I absolutely don't care about my looks and I'm so used to them that I wouldn't change a thing. I would end up missing my defects."

Colin Andrew Firth CBE, born 10 September 1960, is an illustrious English / Italian actor. His acting career spans over 30 years, earning him an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, two BAFTA Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Volpi Cup. 

Besides his outstanding acting chops, he is also known for his eased elegance that resonates more with the Italian style rather than the properness of the English. Not surprisingly, he prefers Italian tailoring thanks to his marriage to Livia Giuggioli, an Italian director / designer and his innate love for the country.

Here we present a medley of memorable looks from his most iconic roles to date: Warning! Spoilers and great style ahead!

Bridget Jones Diary (2001) : The Ugly Christmas Sweater/Tie

In this modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Firth plays Mark Darcy, Bridget Jones's misjudged love interest.  Throughout the film, Firth is dressed pretty sombrely, though sharply, in dark serious suits and ties befitting his character. Until the Jones's family Christmas Party, we see him in a forest green wool sweater with a cartoony reindeer print. And later at the posh Darcy's party, Firth is looking more formal in a charcoal windowpane suit but keeping the kitschy Christmas theme with the red snowman tie. 

Style Moral of the Story: Show your love for Mom by wearing something she knitted/stitched for you at least once in public, and look adorkable in it.

A Single Man (2009) : Black Frame Glasses

Set in the 60's, Firth plays a college professor contemplating suicide in designer Tom Ford's directional debut. This stylish sepia-toned masterpiece is chock full of beautiful custom-made and vintage pieces, and the stand-out item is the black frame glasses Firth wears. This simple accessory acts as an extension to Firth's character, George Falconer, mild-mannered persona and also as a mask to his heart's inconsolable grief. 

Style Moral of the Story: The right accessory compliments your personality and elevates your look. You know it's the right one when it looks great on you with anything, everything or nothing at all. 


The King's Speech (2010) : Wide Regal Lapels

A great story of the stuttering sovereign overcoming his personal and political battles! Besides having Lionel Logue helping King George VI speak with confidence, those wide peak lapels on all of his different jackets and coats do add a boost of authority and competence to the unsure monarch. 

Style Moral of the Story: Do not be afraid of the wide peak lapel. Incorporate them in formal wear or outerwear, such as tuxedos, double breasted jackets and overcoats, for a strong and masculine form. 


TInker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) : Friendly Browns

Firth plays Bill Haydon, a member of the British Intelligence, in this gripping espionage drama set in the early 1970s. Although brown is a popular color of choice for menswear fashion in the 1970s, it is very apt for Firth's double-dealing character. Brown is a color of stability, reliability, and approachability, and often seen worn on men in the education and sales sector. Firth's brown suits do give him an air of warmth and friendly eccentricity, a distraction in order for him to work both sides. 

Style Moral of the Story: Brown is likely already present in your wardrobe in some small way ( shoes, belt, bag ) You can try bringing it into your style spotlight with a wool-linen blazer or cotton chinos. Pair it with brown's BFF color blue or with his earthy color family of burnt orange, green, khaki, mustard and beige. There’s a shade of brown that will work well with pretty much every skin tone, just avoid hues too close to the colour of your skin as it can make you appear dull and faded.


Kingsman Series (2014 & 2017) : The Double Breasted Suit

Kingsmen: The Golden Circle opened recently late September, riding high on the success of the first instalment Kingsmen: The Secret Service. This fun action-packed British spy franchise is outstanding in style due to the impeccably well-fitted bespoke double breasted suits the special agents wear, especially on Firth's character Galahad aka Harry Hart. His envy inducing wardrobe of double breasted suits in shades of grey and pinstripe are the epitome of masculine elegance and authority that no one would mess around with. 

Style Moral of the Story: Double breasted suits have to be bespoken to achieve the perfect fit for your body. Do check out our Qikipedia: Double Breasted Jacket or chat with our designers to learn more about this iconic piece of menswear. You can be the next Harry Hart. 

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