The Fashionista: Singapore's Fashion Pride

The Fashionista: Singapore's Fashion Pride

This month as we approach Singapore's 52nd National Day, we like to mention some of Singapore's best dressed men ( and woman) who are also well-known internationally and done us proud!


One of Singapore's best known multi-talented celebrity singer, songwriter Dick Lee is well known in the social circuit to be a bold and yet tastefully dressed personality. He knows how to styled his flamboyant pieces with classic ensemble to balance his look and finishing the polished look with the right accessories! 


One of Singapore's most successful actor who is gaining international fame in Asia with many leading roles in Taiwan and Chinese dramas. Born with good looks and height, his team of stylists plus advisory from his equally stylish celebrity wife Fann Wong has made him and enduring style icon.


Norman is the editor-in-chief of Buro 24/7 and has been an global fashion influencer with many different shots of him in international street style features. Just google his name and you can see all the photos of Norman in different stylish ensemble during his editorial trips to different fashion weeks in Europe.


No doubt that Janie is a Singaporean girl but she dresses incredibly well in menswear clothing, especially suits proudly made by us, Q MENSWEAR. As the fashion editor of Esquire, her job takes her to the different global Menswear Fashion Week and there's always an underlying pressure to look damn good in front of dozens street style photographers and she has always pull them off superbly well.

The late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

If you had notice about our founding father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew style of dressing, you would realise that he is actually someone (or maybe his wife Mdm Kwa) who put certain attention to his fashion choices. He was never badly dressed or over-dressed for any occasions, but always well-dressed and appropriately. 

As we celebrate our 52nd National Day, we would also like to thank the late Mr. Lee for his sacrifices and contributions to the modern Singapore. Happy National Day to all!

Notice Mr. Lee & Mr. E. W. Barker are in beltless pants with side cinch?

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