STYLE GUIDE: 4 Easy to Pull Off Zoom Looks

In this guide, we 'zoom' in more into the specific looks that you can pull off with pieces in your wardrobe so that you can easily dress up proper for what ever meeting you're into. 

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Looking at revamping your wardrobe for 2019? In Q MENSWEAR tradition, each year we will collate the lucky colours for different Zodiacs for your reference, Let's make the YEAR OF PIG a fun and colourful one!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For centuries Fashion has always been forward-looking and breaking boundaries in terms of styling, cut and silhouettes. What used to be fashionable in the past, may seem as a passé now especially with the ever changing trends set by high street fashion houses. Before we take a look at the recent menswear collections, let us understand what lead to shift in ...

Style Guide: The Black Tie Etiquette.

With rising affluence and cultural awareness in Asian societies, social events, weddings and business dinners are getting grandeur in scale and the mention of black tie attire is very common nowadays. This elegant attire has always been the epitome of mens elegance and having one proper tuxedo in your wardrobe is now a basic requirement especially if you're active in the social circuit.

So in this issue of Style Guide, let us share with you some basic black tie etiquette that must be observed when you receive an invitation that states for a black tie formal attire. 

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